Instructor Profile

Name: Michael Blattau and Nick Kirsch

About: Michael Blattau and Nick Kirsch

Michael Blattau is a Senior Consulting Engineer at Ansys with expertise in mechanical packaging of electronics. Prior to working for Ansys he was a Design Engineering Supervisor for over a decade with an embedded computer manufacturer. Michael brings significant expertise in electronics enclosure design, PCB layout, and FEA simulation and has a M.S., Electronic Packaging. Nick Kirsch (MBA, PMP) leads the modeling and simulation team for ANSYS Reliability Engineering Services. He has a 9-year background as a project manager and engineer working with US Government and private sector clients to improve product performance, resolve manufacturing problems, manage complex testing programs, and provide expert analysis and guidance at all stages of the product development process. At ANSYS, his work focuses on validating and improving the mechanical performance of electronics systems through testing and FEA reliability simulations.