Instructor Profile

Name: Kevin Granlund

About: Kevin Granlund

Kevin is an innovative leader in reliability methodologies with more than 30 years experience in the storage industry. In his latest role as Director of Engineering, he developed a top down reliability/availability management process for design organizations developing mission-critical storage systems. Kevin previously directed the most extensive HALT/HASS operation in the industry, with over 300 chambers worldwide. He has written several papers, consulted with many companies, 3 patents awarded and 2 pending related to systems reliability and test. His most recent work has been performing system architectural analysis to optimize system availability, serviceability and costs. Providing guidance to development to maximize system reliability and reduce service costs. He has provided consultation to many large companies such as EMC, CISCO, AT+T, HP, Seagate and many others. His position and experience has enabled him to perform extensive field studies and design of experiments.